StraightPay: The SHORTEST Distance Between You and Your Customers

Think about it… with StraightPay, businesses save at least 60% compared to credit card rates and don’t need to pay for overpriced and underwhelming coupon, ad and text campaigns. Instead, StraightPay’s per-transaction fees are measured in pennies— not thousands—and businesses have access to a customizable mobile marketing functionality.

As a result, these savings get transferred to the consumer with loyalty and reward programs. Can you say Win-Win?!

Visit our website now: and submit your email to be one of the first to experience StraightPay!

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About StraightPay

Paying it Forward StraightPay’s brand promise reflects our passion for strengthening relationships between merchants and customers. It’s about straight talk and strong ties. It’s about the powerful bonds that form between customers and businesses when owners are passionate about the products and services they provide to their local communities. And it’s about rewarding both merchants for their hard work and customers for their loyalty.
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